"Restaurant comlaints" Dialog (niekrótki) jestam w restauracij i zmamawiam po kolei starter, danie główne i deser.

Musi zawierać 3 z 6 sytuacji. (your bill is wrong - you have got the wrong food - wou have got dirty fork - your soup is cold - the waiter forgot bring you your drinks - the restaurant is very cold)

I zwroty takie jak: Excuse me,/I'm sorry, but...
it;'s very/too
it isn't...enough./ it isn't very itd.

I'm (really) sorry,...
about that.
I didn't mean too... itd.



-Execuse me, can you bring me menu?
- Oh, of course, sir. Please, this is your menu. Do you want any wine? Please, take this wine card.
- Hmm, first I want to eat tomato soup, next I would like to lasagne and on dessert I prefer an ice cream.
- Any wine, sir?
- If it's nor problem i would like to order an bourbon.
- Thank you sir. Please wait a few minutes for your dinner.
After 30 minutes.
- There's your spaghett, sir.
- I'm sorry but it's the wrong order. I do not want to eat this.
- I'm really sorry, I didn't realise. But you still want tomato soup?
- Yes, I do.
- Fine, there is your soup. Everything ok?
- No, it is not. The soup is not hot enough.
- I'm really sorry, it's not my vault.
- Yes, I understand. But where is my bourbon?
- Oh, I completely forgot, sir. My apologize.

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