Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
City put acts over vistula in midday poland, population in country after warsaw second in respect and in respect surface. One of oldest city polish poland , crakow owns valuable antiques of architecture about over millennial history, many institutions acts in it Crakow was capital in past polish poland and headquarters of polish king. There is capital of of little poland province and historic of little poland little poland , as well as central center of metropolitan cracow agglomeration. cultural outposts. Crakow is one of most important cultural center in poland, there is one of main touristic city of europe too. Area of antique old city and it inscribe in 1978 on first list of world heritage of culture united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization Kazimierza. Crakow has received title of capital of european culture in year 2000. It has visited him in 2008 near 7,5 million of tourist, in over 2 millions of foreigners it . Headquarters have cultural institutions in crakow about polish-wide meaning.
smallest range exists in crakow 11 big theaters and smallest range acts , in small romantic cellars often exposing art. First is placed here also constant theater polish poland , public and professional, old theater memorial they . In crakow helena Modrzejewskiej, one of oldest in poland. Building of cracow opera throw up in 2008 at street Lubicz. Group of opera took a stand in building of theater earlier memorial they. J. Slovak. Philharmonic acts in city also memorial they Carol Szymanowskiego. Crakow owns 5 public libraries 4 city and 1 provincial and libraries 2 at center of culture memorial they . C. K. Norwida And regional center of ecological education. Besides, in the area of city at colleges 16 scientific libraries act , library Czartoryskich, pedagogical provincial library memorial they . Hugona Kołłątaja, Library of scientific academy of polish ability and polish academy of science.
Crakow is put in midday poland, of little poland provinces in middle -northern part . City lies over vistula. Crakow is placed in place runaway several geographic land cracow gates, valleys Oświęcimskiej, valleys Sandomierskiej, plateaux Zachodniobeskidzkiego, Wyżyny Krakowsko-Częstochowskiej.
Crakow is city on law of administrative districts, headquarters of authority of of little poland province. Main headquarters of academy of polish ability is placed here and institute of book, city owns many outposts about meaning also and among others, national old theater fulfills national status, national museum, national printery, jagiellonian library. It fulfills function of administrative center, cultural, educational, economic, service and touristic. There is one of key road knot and railroad. Second that is placed in under crakow for largeness about international meaning airport polish Balicach, flights serviceman.
Krakow is in Poland.
This city is very beautiful.
Main attraction are Wawel.
This castle have a lot of attractions.
In castle is Dragon's Den.
In this city you can tour many shopping center.
In Krakow is Sukiennice.
You can buy there a lot of old products.
In Krakow are always beautiful New Year.
Krakow has got his defense walls.
They are very old!
I certainly can recommend this city!