Is it worth it to travel?

People still traveled around the country, the continent and around the world. But ask yourself this question: Is it worth it? Is it worth wasting precious time to travel? Are they necessary? Using these arguments attempt to prove that we travel not depending on what is the purpose of travel.

My first argument is that the train travel, a greater or lesser degree, depending on how long and how far you are traveling. Traveling in your country, grind their knowledge about the culture and traditions of their country. When you are traveling on, the state borders, we learn different interesting things related to the customs of other countries, deepen knowledge about the history of the country and learn about interesting places of historical and geographical world. All this knowledge may be useful to us in life, in various examinations, such as graduating from high school knowing the history or geography. Seeing it all on my own eyes a lot more we can understand and remember than lessons or books.

The second reason we travel is to learn foreign languages. When traveling to other countries in which they speak completely different languages to communicate with others, we need to talk to them in their language. Talking for a long time another language, grind it and get to know new words and phrases, which otherwise we have not learned.

Another proof, confirming my belief is gaining new acquaintances and friendships. When you are traveling to other countries, often alone, we know a lot of new people with whom you can then spend their holidays together. This also helps us when we want to permanently move to another country. Alone, not knowing anyone, it is more difficult to find a new location.

Often you travel for business purposes. In Poland, we are often confronted with unemployment, while in other countries the opposite is true, so Poles often go abroad in search of work. We found there a well-paid jobs, so that always run out of financial problems. Of course, you do not have to leave for life. You can also work seasonally, for example, when collecting fruits or vegetables.

Of course, most often goes in to rest. People overworked, tired of the daily problems of work and leave the whole family or alone in a place where they can forget everything and relax. Usually it is the sea, mountain or lake. Some go abroad to rest and the opportunity to visit another country. There are those who have the word "rest" of understanding that the visit as much as possible, overlap throughout the day and relax in the evening to have power for the next day's fun. Jest tu troche więcej słów xD
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