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I'm going to talk about negative effects of global warming in the future.
Global warming is probably the result of the industrial revolution and progress in automative.
Although people almost doesn't see that temperature is rising, but effects may be catastrophic.
Firstly, a results of global warming will be droughts, floods, hurricanes and fires. Noticable changes will relate to the world of plants and animals too. Increase in temperature will couse glaciers to start melting. This will increase the water level and risk millions of people who are living near oceans river mouths. Sea level are rising 6cm over 10 years.Next if we don't stop global warming and the temperature of the Earth will continue to grow, cities like Rotterdam, London, New Orleans and Venice will be underwater.
As far as temperature is rising, many regions haunt catastrophic drought. These areas are more at risk of fires. An example might be difficult to control, large fire in Yellowstone National Park in 1992.
People, burning more fuel, cutting forests and building in their place the industrial plants are contributing to climate change.
In conclusion, global warming will definitely change the way we live in the future. If we reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we will be able to stop global warming! Let's see what we can do for the climate!



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Moim zdaniemjest napisane bardzo dobrze, tylko mam jedno zastrzezenie: Firstly, a results of global warming will be droughts, floods, hurricanes and fires w tym zdaniu dalabym result of global warming will be an incredible drought :P

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