A może być straszna historia?

On the evening of October 31,1986, Rose an Miriam parents went to a Halloween party. Girls also have had plans for that evening.
They had been living near cemetery, so we decided to go there. About half past twelfe we went there with torches. When we get there Rose had bad feelinngs. I sensed, that something wrong can happen, but on the other hand, she knew that this is a great adventure. Rose and Mirian were walking around the graves. Moonlight was felling on the tombstones,so they could read what is written on them. Finally struck midnight.Miriam thought "What are we doing here?" Suddenly they heard frightening, but sad music-Chopin's funeral march! They turned around. Two meters in front of them was standing a gaunt man, who was playng a violin. He had slihtly burned dress-coat. They turned head to other side. This view was appalling! On the whole cemetery danced hundreds figures wearing evening dresses. They were gohsts... Girls tried to run away, but the gohsts stopped them. They scrached and grabbed hand, screaming: " Stay with us... We are so alone!" At last we have managed to escape. Since that night, Miriam lost her voice, she closed on itself.After a few months rose get a letter. Her friend committed suicide. Now she has joined the dancing ghosts in the graveyard.
Hi. I am ( podajesz imię ) . I am ( ile masz lat ) years old . I like swim and i like ice cream. I have got sister and brother. I like Music and I play the musical instrument ( podajesz na czym grasz ) . I have got ( zwierze ) .
Last Friday my friend Kamil and I went to the cinema. We bought some popcorn. Next we went for a film. It was very interesting. Later we went to the restaurant. While we were sitting in the restaurant. We ordered some food ordered a salad and tea. Kamil ordered a steak and cola. It was very good. Later went to the house.
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