Prosze o napisanie pracy po angielsku oto tresc zadania :

Imagine you are staying with a friend in another
country. Write a postcard to your parents.
Include the following information:
• what the place and the weather are like
• what the house and the family are like
• what you do every day
• what is different from your country



Dear Mum and Dad
I'm having a great time in London.
The city is wonderfull,Sofia show me everything .
She live in small house on peripheral deviceses of the city.
Her parents are very kind and friendly.Her mam names Beata and she's work in Hospital as nurse.Her dad James work in Bank as director.
The weather is fantastic .Yesterday mornig we walking on the city ,and buy some souvenirs.
Next day we go shopping ,I buy new dress.
On Saturday we played volleyball ,it was great!
Sunday mornig we stay at home and wacht the films.
This country diffrent from Poland.The people was kind ,everyone saying hello to everyone.The atmosphere is friendly.
I stay in London to next week.
Love ...