Daje 50 pkt.! Potrzebuje na .. juz:( Ma byc to list prywatny napisany prostym jezykiem na okolo 200 slow:)

Od kilku miesiecy pracujesz na farmi niedaleko Brighton. napisz list do swjego kolegi sz szkocji w którym:
**powiesz co robisz w angli i od kiedy tu przebywasz.
** opisz na czym polegaja Twoje obowiazki i co robisz po pracy
** zaproponujesz koledze aby Cie odwiedził i podasz najbardziej odpowiadajacy termin
** napiszesz ze tesknisz za krajem oraz dodasz za czym najbardziej



Dear James,
thank you, for you last letter. I hope, you had a great time in your holidays. Did you pass the exams?
Right now I'm in England. I'm working in a huge farm near Brighton, which belongs to polish family, for 3 months. It's not as hard as I thought. Everyday I' waking up at 6am and I'm doing a breakfast for family. Next I'm feeding chickens and milk cows. Then I'm looking after kids and learning them polish. Evenings we're going with other workers to round the farm. Later we may do whatever we want, and mostly we're going to dances.
After work I'm learning spanish and french languages. Saturdays I'm spending in hospital as a volunteer.
You wrote me that you planing to come to England. Will you visit me? I'll get 2 free days about 23rd March and we may visit some interesting places.
I miss Poland, I can't wait to see my family, eat a dinner cooked by my mommy and meet my friends.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Write me what kind of weather you have in Scotland, because here it's raining all the time.