Witam proszę o napisanie zadania z angielskiego o takiej treści: write an e-mail of about 100 words to a friend describing a crime that you saw. Greet your friend and ask how they are. Include the following information in your description: What was the crime? What happened? Who were the criminals? What did they do? Who was the victim? Did the police catch the criminals? Finish by suggesting doing something together. Daje 50 pkt:)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello John!
I'm really sorry I haven't written to you for such a long time.
How do you feel? I hope everything is fine with you.
I write to fell you about someting important to me.
In Monday I see my colleague Harry stole a bag of my old neighbor lady Annna.It was horrible.
I phoned the police. They caught him and locked up in jail.
He said that he did it to make money for a ticket to a concert of his favorite band.In school, they consider me as a hero, that I helped the old lady.
But I was not glad, my neighbor is now afraid to leave the house.
It's awful.
Anyway I have to finish now.
You can visit me on Friday? We'll go together to the cinema.
Please write me again
Bay for now
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