Witam potrzebuję na jutro wypracowanie z Języka Angielskiego
na 200-250 słów na temat "A neighbour I admire"
byłabym wdzięczna jakby mi ktoś pomógł gdyż mam jeszcze dużo nauki.
Słownictwo w wypracowaniu powinno być srednio zaawansowane
(jestem w 2 liceum,klasa z rozszerzonym angielskim)
jest to zadanie z seri "na mature rozszerzoną."



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My neighbor unusual - story

I would like to tell you about my neighbor, Mr Mietek. He lives in the same building as me. I do not know if he can take years, since I remember I always looked the same. Always also in the same manner and at any time sitting in her window and watching the yard. I have never seen, to do anything else. So accustomed to his view in the window that I can not imagine our house without your rubbish. On the parapet often przysiadają pigeons that always get him something to eat. They are so attached to him that they eat from his hand. Unfortunately, Mr Miecio deals not only with feeding, everything has its eye and let only one of the guys will say something romp or any indecent word has poured on him połajanek hail. Therefore, as a child you did not like dust, seemed to us a snappy and pragmatic. Everything about all he knew and when, for example walking postman once told him, who is not at home. In the end, I and my peers grew up and you Miecio admonished other kids. I've never much interested in the life of your garbage,. Recently, we asked him what he knows about it. It turned out that Mr. Miecio was a miner, who by accident became a cripple and had to ride in a wheelchair. The accident happened many years ago, even before I was born. Since then, Mr. Miecio never left the house, just sitting at his window, fed pigeons and looked into the courtyard, which had to suffice him for the whole world.

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