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Twilight is a film about vampires. This movie show us vampire who
fall in love in human. Name of that vampire was Edward and her name
was Bella. Bella was for Edward like a drug and he didn’t want to be
be with her, because he didn’t want to hurt her . But he fall in love and she fall in love too. Twilight is amazing film for vampire’s fans and for people who want to see Robert Pattison or Kristen Stewart. Twilight show us how much
Edward love Bella , he saved her live before very bad vampire who wanted to kill Bella. Edward and Bella were some different that only love ,he loved her
and he was her good friend . Edward family was realy nice for Bella but
not one vampire Rosalie. In school Bella had Edward but she had friends
too like a Jessica, Mike, Angela, Ben, and Loren. Her best friend was vampire
that was Edward’s sister Alice. Twilight is great movie. I think that everybody should see Twilight. I never see so cool movie.
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Twilight period between sunset and total darkness or between total darkness and sunrise. Total darkness does not occur immediately when the sun sinks below the horizon because light from the sun that strikes the atmosphere is scattered (both by the air itself and by suspended matter, e.g., dust and smoke). Civil twilight ends when the center of the sun is 6° below the horizon. Although it is still not very dark, it is necessary to use artificial light to carry out most activities. Nautical twilight ends when the sun's center is 12° below the horizon; at about this time the light is too dim for the user of a sextant to see a sharp horizon. Astronomical twilight ends when the sun's center is 18° below the horizon; by this time even the faintest stars overhead can be seen.
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