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Czas Present Simple:
1. We often buy sweets.
2.I sometimes set my alarm-clock.
3.Cindy studies biology.
4. Albert speaks Italian well.
5. Mr Palmer repairs cars.
6.Lisa and Jane seldom quarrel
7. Diana often drinks coffee.
8. Our dog loves runnig.
9.Brian gets up at seven o'clock.
10.Your boss earn a lot of money.

Czas Present Continuous:
1.Harry is talking to his friends.
2.The little boy is crying.
3. Betty is helping her mother in the kitchen now.
4. This bus is going to the city centre.
5.The Grants are building a new house.
6. John and I are waiting for our dinner.
7. Joshua is buying a new suit for himself.
8. George is washing his hands in the bathroom now.
9. Your neighbours are resting.
10. The boys are laughing.

Czas Past SImple:
1. I cleaned my room yesterday.
2.It rained a few days ago.
3. The dog jumped very high.
4.We ate rice and chicken for lunch.
5. Diane lost her keys on a bus.

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