Such things only in a gold mine in Zloty Stok. Passing 500-meter section of the Drift Gertrude believe what he's doing better guide than to "disappear" in the sidewalk of Death. But in the Upper Adit black thunders ... 8-meter high, illuminated underground waterfall. There is also an underground walkway leading to the Czech Republic.

During the tour of the mine health and safety can be learned through the exhibition at the Museum of Caution, Notes, and appeals (eg, do not throw the hammer, being on stage!). Posterior impressions can try exploring the extreme 1.5 km long, partially flooded the Drift Gertrude route. Soothing nerves provides punting the underground shaft.

Visitors to the gimp gold prospector may be washed in the glossy look of the ore, preview the process of casting ingots and a gold coin minted. In the Zloty Stok including historic buildings from the 18th century and minted from 1520.