Complete the sentences with the correct name(s).
1.__wants to buy a drink.
2.__and __are hungry.
3.__and__want to go on the Big Wheel.
4.__doesn't want to go on another ride.
What's going to happen? Write sentences using the verb in brackets.
1. I think that egg was bad.
(I/be sick)
I'm going to be sick.
2.There are a lot of black clouds in the sky.
3.Benny never does his English homework.
(He/not pass the English test tomorrow)
4.Hannah eats chips every day.
(She/get fat)
5.They're at the beach but it's very cold.
(They/not swim)

Pliss jak najszybciej daje naj.!



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Nie wiem skąd wziąć te imiona :(


2. It is going to rain.
3. He is going to not pass the English test tomorrow.
4. She is going to be fat.
5. They are going to swim.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.She wants to buy a drink.
2.I and he are hungry.
3.I and shewant to go on the Big Wheel.
4.He doesn't want to go on another ride.

A ja mam 1. ;) heh. z drugim się z gadzam z poprzednikiem ;P