1. Dopasuj wyrazy ( mistake , error , slip, blunder, faux pas, flaw i fault ( każde oznaczają wyraz błąd ale w różnym znaczeniu dosłownym)) do podanych niżej definicji.

1. a slight , often involuntary mistake - _________
2. somiething you say or do that in considered inappropriate in social situations - _________ , _________ ( tu mają być 2 słowa)
3. a wrong desision or choice - _________ (formal word), _________
4. a shortcoming , sometimes caused by damage - _________ , _________
5. a graye mistake , often caused by carelessness or negligence - _________
6. balme - _________
7. the opposite of virtue - _________

( tam gdzie są dwie kreski muszą być dwa słowa)

Zad. 2
Do każdego przykładu wpisz podane wyżej znaczenia ( po jednym do każdego)

1. the following report reveals that the explosion at the power plant was caused by human _________
2. Philip made the _________ of telling his neighbour that he'd won the lottery and soon enought the entire town was congratulating him on his luck.
3. the japanese consider it a serious _________ when you show the soles of your feet.
4. mentioning her ex-boyfriend was a terrible _________ on your part. Couldn't you see she clearly hasn't got over him yet?
5. all tyres sold here between November 1997 and May 1999 will be replaced for you free of charge due to the design _________ with which they were released.
6. Look , I'm not responsible for the fact that you can't deal with your own problems. Before long you'll be saying that the rain is my _________ too !
7. everyone laughed when the professor said 'whistle on my crotch' instead of' crystal on my watch'. It was a hilarious _________ of the tongue.
8. One of the Martin's greatest _________ is that he is constantly late.
9. By _________ he put a teaspoon of salt into my cofee.

daje najlepszą !



2-faux pas,blunde