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1.popular hot drink served with marshmallows (2 words)
2.season Christmas is in
3.Santa's little helpers
4.a place with many types of stores (2 words)
5. Santa climbs down this on Christmas Eve
6.Have a .......Christmas!"
7.plastic cards used for charging purchases (2 words)
8.month Christmas is in
9.the evening before Christams (2 words)
10.put these in envelopes and send them to friends
11.hang this on your front door at Christmas
12.people decorate Christmas trees with these
13.put this around your presents after you wrap them
14.use this to make a snowman

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. hot choclate
2. winter
3. elves arcade, shopping centre,shopping mall lub commercial centre
5. chimney
6. Merry
7. credit cards
8. December
9. Christmas Eve
10. cards lub holiday card
11. wreath
12. decorations
13. bow
14. snow