Temat: WoW account locked without a reason.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been a loyal War of Warcraft player since the very release of the game. Unfortunately, several days ago I encountered a serious problem with my account (account name Ajantis) which, I believe, is caused by some kind of misunderstanding.

On monday morning I noticed that I cannot log on to my account, as the game shows me the following error:

“Your account has been suspended for the use of third party programs, if you consider this a mistake, please contact Blizzard support team.”

My account has been created in 2005 and since then, I have not installed, nor used any bots, hacks or other third party programs. Also, my monthly payments have always been settled in due time and I am the only person using my account if that is of any importance.

Thus, I would greatly appreciate if you could look into this matter again and consider unlocking the account.
As this matter is of great importance to me, I would greatly appreciate a prompt reply.

Powinno byc doobrze ^^ ;D
Hi Thomas!
How are you? I hope your exams went well! I've finished mine, thank goodness, and now I'm at the Notting Hill Carnival in London. It's really amazing!

There are sp many colorful parades to see. The costumes,dancers and steel bands are just fantastic and there are some great music performers and DJs. I even took a 'Samba' dance class today! The streets are crowded with people come to the Carnival each year!

There's also delicious carnival food that you can buy from street vendors! I've already tried quite a bit of a tradiotional West Indian food, like chicken, rice and peas and corn soup. Tomorrow I'm going to try sugar cane that you hold in your hand and chew!

Visit me next summer and maybe we can go together! Write soon.