W czasie pobytu w Wielkiej Brytanii miales/las drobny wypadek. Poinformuj lekarza:
* co sie stalo,
* co Ci dolega
*jakiej pierwszej pomocy Ci udzielono

W czasie pobytu w Wielkiej Brytani idziesz do lekarza z powodu choroby. Poinformuj go:
*o objawach choroby
*od jak dawna je masz
*o mozliwej przyczynie choroby



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.-Hi! My name is.. I had little accident by my car. I think I had twist my wrist...
- Come on. Sit here...I will see wrist and I will put diagnosis..
It aches soundly when move you?
- AAa! yes.. Wery soundly..
-move your fingers
- ok! I think you have struck your finger. I will stiffen and I will adjust it, but I will unsubscribe recipe later.
-Good idea :)
- Buy a medicines and take care about you! We face each other on control for fortnight. See you !
- Thank you. See you !
2.-Hi! My name is.. I had catch a cold.
- How long have you symphtoms about your cold?
-From week.
- Open your mouths and say 'aaa'
- Ok! I see in your fauces turning red. Have you each other appearance? Where are you think you catched a cold?
-Yes I have headache.. I think in my job. I work near a window.
- OK! I think you have flu. But I think it's virus, not cold. I will record antibiotic for you.