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Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen in 2004, after ten years of work put to use a five monumental basilica with a central dome, designed by Barbara Bielecka Gdynia. This is now the largest church in Poland, eight in Europe and the twelfth in the world - the length of 139 m, width 77 m (width of the front elevation - 162 m), the height of the central 64.8 m (height of the cross tower - 141.5 m). Cubic capacity building is over 300 thousand. m³), the surface of 23 thousand. meters.Light flows into the interior by as many windows as there are days in the year - 365, and go inside you for so many doors, how many years have weeks - 52 Leads to the church steps 33 years follow up on the life of Jesus Christ on earth. On the square in front of the Basilica can gather about 250 thousand. faithful.The temple is built on the plan of the cross. It consists of a main part of the bell tower, the tower and three stately porticoes. Over the main portico dominates the Queen of Archangels and Child, which was accompanied by six angelic form. East portico is devoted to the four evangelists. Western portico was decorated with Pieta `. In the belfry (measuring 68 m) was placed weighing nearly 15 tons of bell Mother of . It is the largest bell in Poland, and the third largest in Europe.