Gladiator is the story of a Roman General, Maximusie, who was one of the greatest leaders in the days of Marcus Aurelius. When this was close to death, decided that his successor will not be his son, Commodus, and just general Maximus. Commodus, however, be able to come to terms with the loss of title and to retain that killed his father and gave orders to kill Maximus and his family. General, however, escaped with his life and got to school Gladiators as a slave. Thanks to its strength, cunning and tactics prevailed all the fighting gladiators and quickly got to the arena at the Colosseum in Rome, where the Olympics were held in honor of the late Emperor, and under the auspices of the new emperor Commodus. Thus, Maximus had the opportunity to fulfill the will of Marcus Aurelius, and avenge the family.

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