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1.The police have just arrested the man who broke into our house.
2.What did he tell you to do?
3.Oxfam will hold a fashion show next week.
4.They are holding the next World Cup in France.
5.When did they demolish that building?
6.The officers look the suspect in for questioning.
7.Will they hand out free T-shirts at the concert?
8.Does the school provide accommodation for all new teachers?



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1. The man who broke into our house has just been arrested by the police.

2. What were you told to do by him?

3. A fashion show will be held by Oxfam next week.

4. The next World Cup in France is being held in France.

5. When was that building demolished?

6. The suspect is looked in for the questioning by the officers.

7. Will free T-shirts be handed out at the concert?

8. Is accomodation provided for all new teachers by the school?
1. The man who broke our house has just arrested by police.
2. What he was tell you to do ?
3. On the next weekend will hold a fashion by Oxfam.
4. The next World Cup in France will holdet by them.
5. When that building was demolish by them?
6. the officers looked the suspect by questioning
7. Will the free t-shirts be hand out at the concert by them ?
8. Is accommodation be provide for all new teachers by the school?