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- Hi Tomas.
- Hi Katja. What are you doing?
- Hm..not. Maybe going to cinema tommorow ?
- Okey. Maybe at 20:00 ?
- Yes, it is good idea.
- Ok. Goodbye.
- Goodbye Katja.
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Eddie:-Hi John
John: -Howdy friend!
E: - How about you?
J: - Everything ok bro.
E: - Do you have any plans today?
J: - Well, I have nothing to do, any ideas?
E: - We can go to the cinema togheter
J: - Fantastic idea. I heard about new amazing movie
E: - Och, me too. So, where we gonna meet?
J: - Miami avenue at 7 rght?
E: - Ok, we will be in touch, bye
J: - Cya
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Xyz: Hi Lucy. How was your weekend .?
Lucy: Hi xyz. I had a great time! I went to the cinema. I called you, but you weren't in.
xyz: Yes. I was out of town. What did you see.?
Lucy: The Golden Compass. It was briliant.
xyz: Really .? What's it about.?
Lucy: It's a fantasty film about a 12-year-old girl who lives in a parallel universe and tries to save her best friend.
xyz: Sound interesting.
Lucy: It is. There's lots of action.
xyz: Who stars in it.?
Lucy: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue and Ben Walker. You should go and see it.
xyz: Where it is showing.?
Lucy: At the Empire unitil Friday .
xyz: Thanks. Were you go with me.?
Lucy: Oh, ok.
xyz: Great. See you tomorow
Lucy: Bye

Myśle, że pomogłam..
Tu gdzie jest xyz napisz jakieś imię angielskie np. Ann, Rose, Ross ;))
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