My parents work very hard and long. I'm often alone at home. I asked my parents: "Can you buy a dog for me?". They bought. If I am at home with my dog, Drack, I am happier.
Ona day I was alone at home again. It was cold and foggy night and 9.00 pm.I was drawing and watching TV. Suddenly I heard strange noise. I looked after my dog. It was sitting under the table. Drack licked me and I started to read. It was fifteen minutes of peace when I heard a strange noise again. Tis noise reached my ears from the toilet. I decided to give my hand to my dog to lick. It made me calm. At last I decided to go and check what happened. When I opened the toilet's door I started to scream very loudly. I saw my dog. It was hanging on the wall. drack was dead. Blood was dripping from the shower. I was screaming constantly. i was crying. I wanted to phone my mother, but telephone didn't work. It was very scary story. I don't know who truly licked me the second time, because Drack was dead already.

Jak za mało możesz jeszcze coś dodać. ale gramatycznie jest Ok. Praca sprawdzona.