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I. hazards of modern civilization

1. Introduction

Over the last century in the economy, and hence - the environment has undergone enormous changes. In fact, several decades to bring enough for a man of the world to the brink of ecological disaster. In many areas, in some areas - even the safety limit has already been exceeded.

One of the symptoms of the crisis is the greenhouse effect. The Earth's atmosphere gathers a lot of carbon dioxide resulting from burning wood and organic fuels. This increases the integrity of the gas shell around the planet - because of the heat of the sun does not return to space, but remains on the surface, raising its temperature. This leads to global warming of our globe, which can cause much disruption in nature and human life.

Another effect of increased human activity is the ozone hole. The loss in and around the globe to protect it caused ozone chlorofluorocarbons released into the atmosphere, or compounds containing such chlorine. Individual atoms of this element decompose ozone molecules, and thus to the ground, less ochranianej ozone comes from the sun more dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

Enormous ecological disaster is the destruction of tropical forests. Reducing the surface affect the hydrological cycles, as a result there are unusual floods or droughts in regions far nienawiedzanych by such phenomena.

The degradation of nature is progressing well due to industrial development. Especially hostile to the environment are the petrochemical plants, power stations and steel mills. As a result of increased industrial activities emit into the environment harmful elements and compounds. Especially their various connections bring very dangerous results.

Phenomena are extremely negative acid rain. Precipitation containing sulfuric acid and nitric acid (ie, which side-effect of industrial production, dissolved in water, oxides) destroy vegetation and animals, and cause the destruction of certain products of man (eg corrosion of metals).
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