Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In a small town has long since been abandoned cemetery. People do not visit, because it claimed that it is haunted. The town had become a family with two children. They also heard about a haunted cemetery from its neighbors, but adults as adults only laugh out of this. Children took to the huge story. It was even worse when it turned out that their house is less than 100m. from the cemetery, and the rear window you can see the haunted house cemetery. Parents do not believe in this story of ghosts appearing in the cemetery, but children indeed. One evening the children's parents decided to go for a romantic dinner at a restaurant outside the city. The children were so alone in the house. Circle of 12.00 in the night Mej and her brother John heard the voice of women. Looked out the window and on one of the tombstones sat a woman in a white robe and sang. Suddenly, she turned to children and smiled broadly. Dissolved in the air. My screamed with fright and quickly wanted to run to her room. When you fall on the stairs she saw them sitting on the figure. It was the same woman he saw with his brother through the window. She got up and walked to the terrified girl. She put her hand on his head and then quickly turned her neck. When he went to look for her sister found her body on the bed on the wall of human blood have written, "Let the parents better believe."
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