In my room there is a green wall. In the corner of my room there is a bed. Next to is there my desk. On the desk there is a lamp and are books. On the left there are bookcares. opposite there is a wardrobe and a door behind the door there is a wastepaper bin. On floor there is carpen. On wall there is a noticeboard and pictures.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My room is my tower. It is small but very comfortable. The walls are blue, the floor is brown and ceiling is white. Opposite the door there is a window and bright courtins. On the floor is the blue carpet. My bed is on the right. There are a lot of pillows on the bed. Next to the bed is my big wardrobe. I keep there my clothes, books and other usuful things. On the left there is a desk with very comfortable chair. I love sitting on it and listening the music. Between the door and the desk is colourful lamp. Above the desk there are black frames with photos. I like being in my room.
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