Write a questionnaire with four to six questions about what your partner usually does at weekends. Find out some of this information:
* what he/she usually eats and drinks
* where he/she usually goes
* how much homework he/she usually does
* how many phonecalls he/she usually makes
* when he/she usually gets up and goes to bed
Ułożyć z tego pytania i na nie odpowiedzieć.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. What does he/she usually eat and drink?
She/ he usually eats, drinks (cola, sprite, tea, pizza, pasta itp.)
2. Where does he/she usually go?
- He/ she usually goes to the park, cinema.
3. How much homewrok does he/she usually do?
- She/ he usually does a lot of homework.
4. How many phonecalls does he/she usually make?
- She/ he usually makes one or two phonecalls a day.
5. when does he/she usually get up and goes to bed?
- He/she usually gets up at 7am and goes to bed at 10pm.
3 5 3

At the weekends:

1. What do you usually eat and drink?

Coffy | Soda ✓| Tea | Energy drinks | Other

2. Where do you usually go to?

Pub | Restaurant | Coffy shop | Cinema ✓| Other

3. How much homework do you usually do?

All of it | Leave some questions undone ✓| Never do

4. How many phone calls do you usually make?

Less than 10 ✓| Between 10-20 | More than 20

5. When do you usually go to bed and wake up?

Before 8pm till 7am | Around 8 till 7 ✓| After 8pm till 7am

1 5 1