Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
First day
I didn't know where I was. I saw veeeery big water and green forest. I stood on the hot sand. My clothes were dirty and I felt very tired. I searched for something to eat because I was hungry. I saw coconut! But I had one problem - I wasn't able to climb. All day I tried to make something long but it is more difficult than I supposed it is. Hungry and tired I watched the beautiful sunset and it was time to sleep.

Second day
Sun woke me up. Coconuts were on the ground. I was the happiest man on the island, I think because I was the only man here. Sun was shining so hard! I hide deep in the forest. When I was walking throught the river I saw small fish. I tried to catch it but I won't say anything else. Coconuts and milk from it was my dinner. When I was eating it started to rain. Tomoroow I will have to build a shelter.

Third day
All day I looked for wood. Local trees are the hardest I've ever seen. I built from the morning until the late night. I burnt the fire and tired fell asleep under the safe shelter.

Fourth day
I learned how to fishing. I found hard branch and went to the river. It is very difficult for me. In the evening I did it! I was proud of myself. I lighted the fire and cooked my dinner. I was smilling first time since I landed here.

Fifth day
I was sleeping when suddenly I heard something like a human voice. My family was looking for me all the time. I was very happy when I saw them.
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