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Hi Daniel
My name's Alessandra. It's an Italian name, because my grandmother was from Italy, but I'm Argentinian and I live in Mendoza, a big city in the west of the country. I live with my parent and my two brothers. I have 19 years old, and I'm at iniversuty. I'm studing computer science. I'm in my first year and I really like it.

I'm going to tell you about myself. As you can see from the foto, I have long hair- it's quite fair- and greens eyes. I wear glasses. but I want to get contact lenses soon.

I think I'm a positive person. I'm quite extrovert and frendly. My mother says I'm vey talkative - i think she mean that I talk too much!

In my free time I loe reading and going to the cinema. But I dont have much free time because I have classes every day, and a lot of work to do even at weekends. I also go to English classes on friday afternoon.

Please write soon and tell me about you and your life.

Best wishes


1. Where's Alessandra from?
2. Why does she have an Italian name?
3. Where does she live?
4. Who dos she live with?
5. What does she do?
6. What colour are her eyes?
7. Is she shy?
8. What are her favourite free time activities?
9. When does she go to English classes?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Alessandra is from Argentina.
2. Because her grandmother was from Italy
3. She lives in Mendoza, Argentina.
4. She lives with her parents and two brothers.
5. She is studying computer science.
6. Her eyes are green.
7. No, she's not shy.
8. Her favourite free time activities are going to the cinema, reading books.
9. She goes to English classes on Friday afternoon.
1.Allessandra from Argentinian.
2.Because her grandmother was from Italian.
3.She live in Mendoza.
4.She live with parent and her two brother.
5.She study computer science.
6.Her eyes are green.
7.No, she's not shy.
8.Her favourite free time activities are going to the cinema, reading books.
9.She goes to English classes on Friday afternoon.