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My house is very large. It is ten years. It is built of red brick. It is plastered on yellow. Has a large, red and tin roof. It has a kitchen, living room, two bathrooms, 5 bedrooms and a loft to hold the various antiquities.Around the house is a garden in which grows a lot of varieties of plants. My mom takes care of them regularly. During the summer, when everything is booming around the beautiful and colorful. The yard is also a garage where the car is kept and there are different tools. Circle garage kennel my dog is Rex, which, in my free time I play on. I really like to stay in my house.
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Mój dom jest duży, i bardzo przytulny. Dom posiada trzy sypialnie i dwa pokoje dzienne. Ponadto mam jeszcze łazienkę i jedną kuchnię. W moim domu dominuje kolor zielony. Nasz salon jest sercem rodziny .W łazience jest bardzo duża wanna i prysznic. Bardzo lubię przebywać w moim domu.

ANG : My house is big, and very cozy. The house has three bedrooms and two living rooms. Furthermore, I have a bathroom and a kitchen. In my house, dominated by green. Our living room is the heart of the family. The bathroom is very large bath and shower. I really like to stay in my house.
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