Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Body language is very important in many aspects of our everyday bussiness and social life. Sometimes even more than words. There are many examples which show it. To start with your body language can help you when you apply for a job. When you smile and hold contact the other's person's eyes you make a good impression. Another thing is that we always belive what we see far more than what we hear. For example when you say you are happy and try to smile but your eyes are cold everyone will know you are not really happy. And on top of that the body language is very important in flirting. For instance when a woman makes eye contact with man for a bit longer than normal and give a little smile it means she shows interesnt. In short the body language is en essential part of communication. It's important not only what you say but what signals your body sends.
(i mam cichą nadzieję, że dajesz naj :))
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