Zad.1.Dopasuj pytania do odpowiedzi.Nastepnie napisz przykładowy dialog odbywający się w sklepie odzieżowym i sportowym.
1.What size do you take?
2.Do you need any help?
3.Where's the chaning room?
4.Do you want this dress?
5.Would you like to try this on?
a)No , thank you.I'm just looking.
b)Yes, I'll takie it./No,I'll leave it.
d)Over there
e)Yes,please. Where is the fitting room?

zad.2Przeczytaj tekst o historii reklamy. Zdecyduj, które z podanych zadań(1-5)są prawdziwe (TRUE) a które fałszywe(FALSE).
Advertising is not as new as many people think.It was common in the ancient world.In ancient Egypt , Greece and Rome people used papyrus to write commercial messages.In Asia and Africa people used rock painting for commercial advertising. In tge 15th and 16th centuries printing became common and the first printed advertes appeared.In the 17th century newspaper advertes grew very popular .they advertised books and medicines most often. The first professional advertising agency was created in 1841 in the USA. The advertising business was one of the first to employ women.Managers of advertising companies believed women knew more about products and marketing. More modern advertising started in the 1960s , when people realized that advertising had to be creative . The first most creative adverts were fro Volswagen. now advertising is an art and companies use all possible media to make people buy things.

1.Advertes on papyrus were popular in ancient Asia and Africa.
2.The first printed adverts appeared in the 17th century.
3.The first newspapers advertised two types of products.
4.Advertising companies often employed female workers.
5.The '60s were the beginning of modern advertising.

zad.3.Przeczytaj ponizszy tekst , z którego usunięto cztery zadania. Uzupełnij luki (1-4) w tekście zadaniami podanymi poniżej(a-e) , tak aby były spójne i logiczne . Jedno zadnaie zostało podane dodatkowo.

The firts true supermarket was the king kullen grocery company. 1.....Mr Kullen wirked as a manager an another shop.He wanted to make some changes to the shop where he worked but his managers ignored him. 2....It had 6,000 square feet and was situated next to a very busy shopping discrit. It had a very successful slogan.It said:'Pile it high , sell it low'.That meant that the place was full of goods at low prices.It was the first shop that had separate departments , products on shelves and offered discounts.3..... . After Mr kullen's death his wife ran the business and later his children took over. 4.... It has about 50 stores around New York city.

1.So he decided to open his own shop.
2.So they closed the shop.
3.His store was epecially popular because it sold cheap food.
4.It started in 1930 in New York.
5.Today it is still a family business.



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