I remember, as I have been placed on neighbor planet 325. King inhabited . I know that truth not up to the end, as there I have obtained, but I remember him (it) funny dokonale perukę and long robe. It sat in (to) distinguished modestly, but I did not fear he (it). So, I have stepped up to it (him) closer, what if I will see something suspicious < suspect >. Can it in it -?
However, whatever not make it in time (manage to do on time) say, because it has outcried for I at once here, subjected "! ". I have stood as . I. Subjected? It issued me żenujące. I have asked at once the first time, you see me " yet, could you identify manner to what (which) so, I? ". However, king has not answered how (as) I on my question ( och. Which (who) I disregard! ). Suddenly < snap > I have noticed (have remarked) pride (duma) on its (his) some (certain) face. It was glad from it definitely, that it can reign over somebody at the end. It was except I on planet other nobody yet! There was order first for it (him) - approximation. Then, < sweat > ban me yawn. It has allowed to yawn me next, as I have said, that I am weary < tire (get tired) > journey.
It issued next orders else I had it - sufficiently. I have asked at the end , from clean curiosity you " plainest, rules you plainest? ". Answer was surprising " ALL! " Conversation has has crossed as it has has crossed . I remember, that I have asked king about sunset. However, immediately he (it) has not ordered to get (to reach) sun it waited for proper moment -. These visits have bored me at the end.I have said, that I depart. King wanted to detain (to halt) me and it has declared me minister of justice. However, I was insistent (tenacious) and I have declined. When he (it) to way behind (for) I already leave begin else cry I nominate you ambassador "! ". I have sighed after moment and I have said strange are " adult ". And I judge further so. Sometimes not knowledge < know >, they say that