Dear ... (imię),
As you know I'm in London with my parents. Yesterday I saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace. To be honest it wasn't very interesting, but quite funny thanks to my dam (i love his jokes!).
Today I'm going to see something more. First I'll go to the London Eye. After that I'm meeting my exchange friend, ... (imię). He/She will show me less known places.
I think I will be home at the next week. We have to meet ! Miss you so far.

Dear Mum and Dad,
I'm so happy to be here on Crete for our holidays. I'm having a fantastic time and I just love this island. We're staying at large hotel called "Royal Hotel".
The weather is hot and perfect for sunbath. In the free time we go to the beach and swim in the see. We spend most of our days visitng historical places.
Greeks really love the outdoors. They're very friendly and kind to us. I think they are really good-looking.
Yesterday we were in Iraklion. It is really cool city. I bought some souvenirs, beacause they weren't expensive.
Tomorrow we are going to go to Rethymnon. It's an acient city and I can't wait to see it.
Our flight is leaving from Iraklion nest Friday, so I hope you'll receive this letter before we get home.
See you soon,
Hello I m in Spain . Yesterday I played football with Torres . He teached me some tricks , they're realy hard . After that I went to basylica Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Thats really cool place . That basycylica is huge . She have got really beautyful figures . Now i go shooping . I saw very beauty clothes . Later i going to club for real cool party !! I come back tomorrow . See you soon.