Utworzyć jedno zdanie:

1. when were iPods
2. do you need
3. did they release their
4. Matthew Knowles is the man who
5. Next week, they are going to
6. a lot of money
7. I didn't use
8. a studio is a place where
9. we might
10. microchips are

a. new single on the internet?
b. songs are recorded
c. not go to the concert
d. to like classical music
e. invented?
f. buy a new yacht
g. used in computers
h. will be made
i. to pay for that?
j. managed Destiny's Child



1. e. invented?
2. i.to pay for that?
3. a. new single on the internet?
4. j. managed Destiny's Child
5. c.not go to the concert
6. h.will be made
7. d.to like classical music
8. b.songs are recorded
9. f.buy a new yacht
10. g.used in computers