Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I forgot about your birthday!
I woke up at 7.00. a.m.
I spent my holiday in Poland.
I was born in 1810.
Yesterday he had an accident.
I broke my leg two weeks ago.
How did you spend las Christmas?
She wrote a letter to directors of BBC.
Bill had meeting with book manager.
Mark bought some papers.
I called you five minutes ago!!
I didn't visit a museum last week.
Her son stole the gold I had in safe!!
It was the worst day at my school this year.
My mother talked with headmaster and I got punishment.
1. I was here last Tuesday.
2. I visited Spain last year.
3. I bought milk two days ago.
4. He spoke to me yesterday.
5. Kate bought this book last week.
6. Tom watched good comedy last Sunday.
7. Jim was at swimming pool last Friday.
8. I ate sandwich yesterday.
9. I didn't buy this cheese.
10. She didn't talk to her two days ago.
11.I swam 5km yesterday.
12. He never drunk wine.
13. I didn't do my homework.
14. Tom read this book month ago.
15. Jenny was at cinema last Monday.
1.She spoke to Mary four days ago.
2.I visited Italy last year.
3.Yesterday I bought a new shirt.
4.I worked as a doctor in 2001.
5.I went to the shop.
6.I talked to my cousin at 4pm.
7.We met our friend.
8.I baked a cake.
9. He had breakfast at 8.00.
10.She wrote a letter to her parents.
11.We took a lot of photographs.
12. We left restaurant at 10.00.
13.She ate five hamburgers.
14.They swam in the sea.
15. She went to the beach 8 hours ago.