Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Once upon a time there was a young girl who goes by the name of "Little Red Riding Hood". She lived in a small village situated among many big forests. In one of these forests lived her grandmother. She was already very old and ailing. One day mother of Little Red Riding Hood asked her to bring some cures and food to grandma. A girl liked visiting her so she agreed with a big pleasure. She packed medicines, fruits and compotes into basket and took off. She was walking through dark forest when suddenly on her way appeared a wolf. He asked a girl where she was going and what for and what she was having in the basket.She got scared and didn't know what to do. She said that her mother had told her to not to talk to adults and ran away very quickly. The wolf didn't gave up so easily anyway and he was spying on her. He was very hungry and wanted to have so nicely smelling goodies from the girl's basket. After a few minutes she realized that she had been going to her grandma. She got an idea then. He hurried up to get there before Little Red Riding Hood. He dressed up in a red blouse with a red hood and read skirt. Then he knocked to the door.The old woman told him to come in. He opened the door violently and attacked the elderly woman and the he just ate her. After that, he dressed up as a grandma and laid to the bed. When the miss had reached the cottage and had come inside she was quite surprised. The grandma looked strangely different than always. She had too big ears, too big ears, too big eyes. When she was asking why she looked so differently the wolf attacked her too. But fortunately in this moment a brave forester coming near heard the shouts and calling for help. Without thinking he ran to help. He saved the girl, killed the cruel wolf and took the grandma out of his belly. After a short time, the woman also recovered from her sickness and they all lived long and happily


Myślę że pomoże :)