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On 14 and 18 November 2002. we saw in the cinema "Regis" in Bochnia comedy adaptation Fredro Fri "Revenge". The film was directed by Andrzej Wajda. The main roles played by Janusz Gajos as Czesnik, Andrzej Seweryn - notary, Agata Buzek - Clare, Katarzyna Figura - Podstolina, Roman Polanski - Papkin.
The film takes place in a castle in Ogrodzieńcu during the winter. It shows the old man and a dispute Regent, who live as neighbors in ruins, divided in half the castle. The immediate cause of their quarrel is taken on behalf of Regent try to repair the barrier. But the old man does not allow for the repair and decides to take revenge on neighbor, trying to force Wenceslas - the son of Regent to the wedding of Clare. He did not know that this fulfills the dreams of two lovers young people. Meanwhile, notary, whereas a further life in abundance insists that Wenceslaus married Podstolina which also wanted to marry Czesnik. Finally, Waclaw and Clara marry, and the notary, and finally begins to dominate Cześniki consent.
A movie I liked. Odtwórcy roles create a well-played by the characters themselves. Costumes enrich the artistic merits of the film. Figure worthy of attention Papkin, in which he starred as Roman Polanski. He played in accordance with a scenario nieudacznego, slightly sad, but basically honest and sentimental talker. As it does not also remained Janusz Gajos playing hot-tempered, violent old man, and Andrzej Seweryn - secretive, but also crafty notary. His acting talent also showed Daniel Olbrychski creating ślamazarnego Dyndalski, who could not forgive his master that does not please him to taste his letter "b". Also deserves recognition music by Wojciech Kilar, which corresponded well with the great heroes perypetiami. I encourage everyone to watch this film.

recenzja filmu "zemsta". Nie powiedziales z jakiego filmu :P
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In my freetime i always go to the cinema. I like watching films so much. My favourite is ??Shrek 2??. this film is a fantastic komedy. I saw it in ?multikino? in Poznań last weekend.
The film start like this:??Behind seven mountains, behind seven rivers there lived a big, green ogre??. Ogre whose name is shrek is main charakter. This film tells about shrek, his wife fiona and his friends. When Shrek and Fiona come back from their honeymoon they find an invitation to a royal ball from Fiona?s parents. They travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away.
Parents are very surprised when they saw shrek and angry. The ogre leave the kingdon and resolved to drink magic mixture which matter that he will be beautiful men, but this change is not permanently. Unfortunatley in this time his wife is in trap. Handsome Prince Charming want to married fiona. All in all shrek arrived and save wife from Prince Charming. And they lived happily ever after.
In ??shrek?? i really like excellent animation which made all characters so natural and really well made. Disadvantage in this film is music. In my opinio nit was so laud.
This film is absolutely brilliant and everyone may see it (from 0 to 100). I really recommendation this film because is great fun for everyone Shrek is a very positive and educational film.
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