Napisz negatywne zdania
np.We studied in Japan(not in Korea)
We didn't study in Korea
1.They spoke Polish(not Russian) uncle was a nurse(not a doctor)
3.I slept badly(not well)
4.My mum enjoed the book(not the film)
5.He picked up the change(not the receipt)
6.You were late(not on time)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.They spoke Polish
They didn't speak Russian uncle was a nurse
My unlce wasn't a doctor
3.I slept badly
I didn't sleep well
4.My mum enjoed the book
My mum didn't enjoy the film
5.He picked up the change
He didn't pick up the receipt
6.You were late
You weren't on timee
1) They didn`t spoke Russian
2) My uncle wasn`t a doctor
3) I slept didn`t well
4) My mum enjoed did`t the film
5) He picked up didn`t the receipt
6) You weren`t on time

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