• Użytkownik Zadane
"This story happened many years ago. As far I can remember , I was a seventeen-year-old boy then. As a gift for my birthday, my parents let me go on holiday by myself. In fact, I took a few mates along with me. We decided to go the city of Gdynia. I was over the moon because I had never seen the sea before that trip.
We set off at 10 pm, and we turned up in Gdynia at 8 am thenext day, dirty and exhausted. We rented a bus we got on a buswhich took us to the village situated near the sea. When we finally got there, we built a tent, and afterwards made a bonfire to warm up bodies because we had just finished swimming in the sea. We were having some food and chatting about places worth to see worth seeing in Gdynia, when one of us came up with the stupidest idea ever. He conviced us to the idea of rob the hotel fridge. We were aware that this is was breaking the law, and we may be could have been caught, but we could not resist the temptation of getting something for free. Also, we were pretty sure that nobody will would suspect us. Well, we were wrong, and we all ended up in jail waiting for our parents to take us home. That was the first night I spent behind bars.

Fortunately, everything finished with happy end, and sometimes when I start to resembling those moments I grin.

Powinno być dobrze;D