Odpowiedz na pytanie według własnego uznania. Możesz wykorzystać wyrazy : animals, doctors, the Earth, houses, hunger, the Moon, planets, pollution, robots, schools, space, trees. wars. weather. (Chodzi tu o czas Future Simple)
What do you think life will be like in 2050 ?
I think ...

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I think life in future in 2050, will be different like nowadays. There will be many houses and many robots, which will be doing every works instead people. Weather wont'be too clean (many pollutions and too little trees. Maybe in 2050 will be third world war. Schools will be not exists (electronic education by internet). In 2050 people can be go to the Moon by the racket. Many type of animals won't be existing, because people killed them for money.
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I think that life in 2050 will be completly different. We will not watch TV like we do it now becasue there will be holograms and what more we will be able not only to see pictures but also feel smell of what we watch. Another thing is that people will not have to work hard because robots will do it instead of them. Technology will develop at a phenomenal rate. Everyone will be able to travel in the spece. People will choose the Moon as a place for their wedding ceremonies. We will also be able to visit other planets. We will have more spacious homes which will be able to move. By 2050 medicine technology will help in many diseases which we can't cure nowadays. But unfortunately there are not only good sides of life in the future. We will probably have big problems with pollutios and there will be not enough water what may be even the couse of war.