Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I hope, in the future there will be a lot of fun in school. I think we will have more things to do - like experiments in class room or something. I'd like to have very modern school in the future - with computers, cameras and a lot of other things.
2. I think in my family nothing will change. I like my parents and my style of life. I won't anything to change.
3. Travel to space...it's a great thing! I hope, in the future it will be more popular than today and we will can go on holiday for example on the Moon.
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In my future I will be a doctor becouse I like helping people. When I finished academic education I'll open my own surgery. Of course I married with beautiful woman/ handsome man. We will have two children: one boy and one girl. I'll build large house on the village witch beautiful and full of colour garden. I'll travel by plane-my own plane.
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