Razem czy osobno, sprawni czy mniej sprawni?w jaki sposób powinny byc ksztalcone dzieci niepelnosprawne? napisz rozprawke w ktorej rozwazysz argumenty przemawiajace za i przeciw wspolnej nauce dzieci pelnosprawnych i niepelnosprawnych. (200-250) prosze o szybka pomoc



Nowadays, there are school prepared for learning healthy and disabled people. I think it's good idea.

Firstly, disabled children don't feel lonely when they can spend time with other people. They are different, but they don't have to suffer from this reason. They know they are worthy of living normal life.
The other reason is that everybody deserve for not being discriminated.
Disabled children can make headaway due to spending time with their colleagues.
I can't see any disadvantages of connecting this people. Schools are adapted and customized for those causes.
Of course, ill children should get special help from others and they couldn't be incured of making fun of them.