A:Why didn't you go to my birthday party???
B:I'm so sorry I afraid because I was ill!
A:Oh, Where is my birthday present by you?
B:Soory, I forget about your present my beby!Bay preety girl!
A:Oh You are stupid!Where my present? I want my present! Baya ugly girl!!!!!
B: Bay Busches!
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Hey Kathy! Why didn't you come to my birthday party. I hoped you would come.
-Oh i'm so sorry but i couldn't come because i was sick. I spend the whole weekend in bed and felt terrible.
-I understand you were sick but why didn't you phone me?
-I completly forgot. I was so tired and sick that I didn't think of it. I'm really so sorry.
-It's ok. And how are you feeling now?
-Now I feel great and guess what! I have a wonderful present for you!
-Oh thank you! I knew you always remember about me

(licze na naj :))))
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