Proszę napisać opowiadanie które będzie się zaczynało do słów It happened on the day of.... (np. It happened on the 1st day of my holiday) i ma być na poziomie! nie chcę jakiś słabych prac(jesteśmy po poziomie FCE). Naturalnie w czasach przeszłych musi być
za najciekawszą dam najlepszą odpowiedź :) potrzebne jest mi na dzisiaj jeszcze



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It happened on the rainy, gloomy day. I was sitting at home and waiting for nothing. My parents had gone to the party and my sister had come sleep to her best friend. What about my friends? Hannah had a meeting with her boyfriend and my boyfriend had to go to his gradmother, because she was ill. It was late night, my room was dark and a little bit frightening. I should point out that I'm terrible afraid of darkness. I turned on the TV and made myself comfortable on the brown couch. Suddenly I heard something and started look around. I thought that I should switch on the light. In spite of the fear I stood up and slowly came closer the switch. The room became light and safe. I felt relieved, when no one was next to me. I jumped and my hands started shake - I heard this strange noise once again. I didn't know what to do. I had switched off all the lamps in house before I started watch the film. The hall was the most black I've ever seen. I have must gone throught this and overcame my panic-stricken. I closed my eyes and run to the lamp. To make matters worse, of course, I stumbled over the cable. When my hand was pushing the switch, something or someone scraped the door again. I took my dad's golf club and went to the back door. I walked on tiptoe very softly and gently. I raised my eyebrows in surprise when I saw little, sweetie puppy! It was dirty and cold. I took him home and washed. My parents came home soon and first thing which I have must excused was why daddy's golf club lay in the garden.

Mam nadzieję, że jest na poziomie. :)
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