Jackie is a Charlesa son and Lee-Lee of Khans. Parents named him Khan Kong-Sang (what marked: "given birth in the Hong Kong"). His parents worked in the French embassy, the father as the cook, the mother as the housewife. They lived in the Hong Kong on the Hill of the Victory. Jackie exercised kung fu for the youngest years. When the boy had 7 years, his father left for Australia. A few months later there also his mother left. Before the trip the father enrolled Jackie in the Chinese Academy Of drama (The China Drama Academy) – of Pekingese operatic school, where the one learnt the singing, mimes, of drama game, of dance, acrobatics, of diverse martial arts. The learning and exercises lasted 19 hours per day. The school was very raw. The foster child has often been beaten by class tutors. Jackie spent 10 years at the Chinese Academy of the Drama, there Sammo got to know Hung and Yuena Biao. In 1982 he got married around Feng-Jiao Tench which after the marriage ceremony gave birth to two days of Jaycee son. In 1993 Jackie transferred 2 million dollars to charity cells of the Operation Smile foundation.
Jackie the Khan initiated in 2004 in Hong for Congo in Viktoria Park organization of the exhibition of the United circle of Buddha Bears promoting the room in world. While opening the exhibition he gave cheques for the sum total on the hand of UNICEF representatives and two other organizations helping children to 4.14 HKD million. the Exhibition is visiting a lot of metropolis since then on all continents.
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