There is a cat. There is a TV set. There is my mum. There is a teacher there for you. There is a bus stop. There is a dog. There is an off-licence. There is an office of my Dad. There is a son of my class tutor. There is my daughter.

There are delays of my uncle. There are people. There is money. There are my clothes. There are old books. There are two cats. There are four cows. There are my small doggies. There are acorns. There are phones.
2 5 2
1. There is a cat under the table.
2. There is a zebra between chair and sofa.
3. There is a pencil on the table.
4. There is a pen in schoolbag.
5. There is a glass in cupboard.
6. There is a book in bookshelf.
7. There is a girl in house.
8. There is a computer in my room.
9. There is a pen on the table.
10. There is an album on Internet.

1. There are pens on the table.
2. There are pencils in schoolbag.
3. There are zebras in zoo.
4. There are apples in kitchen.
5. There are bananas in shop.
6. There are pictures in my room.
7. There are notebooks in class.
8. There are books in library.
9. There are DVDs in living room.
10. There are students in class.

Pozro :*
2 5 2
1.There is no need to rush
2. There is no money in my pocket.
3. If there is any justice, he should be punished.
4. There is no other way.
5. There is water in village.
6. There is no snow.
7. There is car in garrage.
8. There is ball on the floor.
9. There is book on the table.
10. There is a shirt in my wardrobe.

1. There are few simple reasons to go there.
2. There are many avaible sits.
3. There are lot of interesting movies.
4. There are some ices in fridge.
5. There are lot of beatfiul womans.
6.There are still avaible tickets.
7.There are best clothes in city.
8. There are cold nights.
9. There are hot parties.
10. There are best chips in the world.
1 5 1