Opisz relacje z twoim bliskim przyjacielem na podstawie pytan:
1. What was your first impression of each other?
2. Why do you like him/her?
3. What don't you like about him/her?
4. What things do you have in common?
5. What type of character does he/she have?
6. How do you keep in touch?
7. What job does he/she do?
8.What activities/hobbies is he/she keen on?



1. When I saw Kate I thought that she is conceited.
2. I like Kate because I like talk with her. We are always lauging together.
3.I don't like that she is prettier than me.
4.We have got long, brown Hair. We laught of the same things.
5.She is a talkative, friendly and honest person.
6.We meet oft and we write togehter every day.
7. She is a student like me.
8. Kate loves ride on a horse and read books.