Choose one of the disasters and imaginne that you are a survivor.Make notes to answer the question.
Explosion volkano tornado sunami

1.where were you
2.what were you anf other people doing
3.what happened
4.what did you do
5.what were other people doing
6. what did you do affterwadrs did you feel afterwards



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Załóżmy że wybrałem tsunami
1 i 2. I was at the beach with my friends
3. The water started to recede(cofać się) and then it came back with a huge wave
4. I started to run raming everyone (taranowałem wszystkich)
5. some of them were taking photos, some were shocked and staying in one place
6. I called TVN24 to tell that there was tsunami.
7. I was happy that I'm alive