What happens at weddings in Poland ? Use modal verbs and expressions write about some of these things.

ceremony , clothes , flowers, food, presents , reception , songs and music, speeches.

Proszę o wiele zdań , jak najwiecej . wiecej punktów niestety nie mam . .. ;(



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Weddeing in Poland is very important event. After ceremony in church, there is turn for wedding reception. It's gathering of family and close friends. They gather to celebrate a big day in young couple's life. Bride and groom get a lot of flowers, money and gifts for example bedclothes, furnitures. People also wish them happiness.
Bride is wearing beautiful, white dress. A groom is wearing black suit. Reception lasts all night.
Guests have an occasion for good fun, dancing and talking.
A couple pay for everything (music, food, renting bailroom, photographer).
After wedding ther's time of honeymoon. But it's not very popular.
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