Trzeba napisać pytania do tych odpowiedzi . Z góry dzięki
1.They were looking at the floods.
2. Yes, I have tried Italian food.
3. We're studynig Shakespeare in English at the moment.
4. Jo is sitting next to me
5. Yes, I understand Polish.
8. We were at school at nine o'clock
.9. She was wearinghe green dress.
10. They've invented a car which can fly.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Were they looking at the floods?
Have I tried Italian food?
Are we studying Shakespeare in English at the moment?
Is Jo sitting next to me?
Do you understand Polish?
Were we at school at nine o'clock?
Was she wearing green dress?
Have they invented a car which can fly?
1.Where are you looking?
2. Have you tried Italian food?
3. What are you studying Shakespeare in English now?
4. Where Jo is sitting?
5. Do you understand Polish?
8. What are they start to school?
9. What was she wearning?
10. Have they invented a car?